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"Din pianostämmare i Siljansbygden" (Piano tuning company)

Our piano tuning company was set up in Leksand in 1996 by Michael Thomasson.

Our business concept is based on selling new and maintaining old upright and grand pianos. Maintenance normally involves tuning instruments once or twice a year and repairs and restoration. Another service provided by the company is the manufacture and sale of strings for upright and grand pianos. We are alone when it comes to manufacturing strings, selling them all over Sweden. The strings are custom-made according to customer wishes for all conceivable brands. The bass strings are hand-made using pure steel and solid copper. The materials used are the best of German quality. We strive to deliver strings within a week. Do pay us a visit or phone us to order our products and for help with your piano tuning or strings. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to properly tune a piano or grand piano, given the tensile stress of the strings amounts to 10-15 tons.

When it comes to making a piano sound great, it’s not just tuning that has to be considered. There are many other factors that also come into play, such as depth adjustment, grading, hammer rebound, and note-to-note intonation. At “Din Pianostämmare in Siljansbygden”, we have extensive experience in adjusting all these parameters to ensure that your instrument responds precisely to key touches and sounds excellent. Trust us to get the most out of your upright piano or grand piano! To make a piano sound as good as possible and respond to key touches precisely, it’s not just tuning that’s important. There are many other parameters that affect how well the instrument plays, and which require precision and experience to adjust properly. One of these parameters is the depth adjustment, which means adjusting how much the keys will dip when you play them. This affects how the piano feels to play and how easy or difficult it is to control key touch.

Another important parameter is grading, which involves adjusting the angle of the keys. This affects how quickly the keys return to their original position after they have been played, which in turn affects how quickly the instrument can be played and how easily various sound nuances can be created.

When the hammer rebounds is also an important factor that affects how well the piano responds to key touches. This is about where the hammer strikes the string, and it can be adjusted to vary key force and to improve tone precision.

Finally, note-to-note intonation is also important. This involves adjusting the pitch of each note on the piano so that they sound good both individually and together with other notes. It requires precision and experience to get the right balance between notes and to optimise the instrument’s sound quality.

We have the experience and knowledge required to adjust all these parameters correctly, and to get the most out of your upright piano or grand piano. Trust us to give your instrument the love and attention it deserves!

About us: We at Din Pianostämmare in Siljansbygden have been operating for more than 30 years and have accumulated experience and knowledge, We have a modern workshop with a full range of machining equipment to be able to deliver high-quality instruments and service. We also have three wonderful showrooms where our instruments are on display to be tested in peace and quiet. We have several instruments on display that can be tried out and offer you the opportunity to sit in peace and quiet and choose the instrument that suits you best. To make your visit even more memorable, we also offer accommodation in our newly-built apartments, which makes it possible to combine your visit with other tourist destinations in Leksand and the surrounding area. Book your accommodation here and experience everything that Siljansbygden has to offer! We believe that we are alone in being able to offer this total solution where you also can avail of our after-sales expertise. We want you to feel at ease with us and the first overnight stay is free of charge if  you buy an instrument from us. The apartments are booked by clicking on the text.

Online shop

Order bass strings in the online shop. Send an email with the dimensions. Accessories can be purchased in the online shop. Humidity products from Damppchaser, piano stools, upright piano trolleys, grand piano trolleys, moving straps, silent systems, self-playing systems, polish, lighting, covers, etc. All these are on sale in the online shop. We are resellers of new Feurich upright and grand pianos as well as Yamaha B series pianos.

Home visits

We carry out home visits to inspect upright or grand pianos to assess what must be done. You will receive a cost estimate and if it is to your satisfaction, we will take the instrument with us and carry out the agreed repair/restoration work.

We can also transport upright and grand pianos all over the country. Click on transport service to read more details.

Niklas Riecken IT specialist, Michael Thomasson – Feurich Sweden, Ernest Bittner – CEO Feurich, Stuart Conagham – Sales manager Europe

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If you want to start playing the piano and are looking for a piano teacher, we can recommend Marissa, who teaches online in both Swedish and English.

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