Self-playing grand pianos

Self-playing grand pianos

We are Sweden’s only accredited installer of the self-playing Pianoforce system for grand and upright pianos. Ask someone to sit at the grand piano and try it out. Then start playing a piece on your mobile phone with or without accompaniment. The effect is that the person sitting at the piano becomes completely speechless with wonder. This self-playing system will impress anyone. Aren’t you a keen pianist yourself? This system will teach you play better as well as entertain you and your guests. In recent years, we have built a number of systems and have gained experience of setting up self-playing pianos.

Would you like your grand piano to be able to play completely by itself?
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If you don’t have a grand piano to install it on, we can of course sell you one of our grand pianos where the self-playing system is installed. If you want to have a humidity system installed at the same time, we as a certified installer can offer this service. We can collect your grand piano, install the system and transport it back again.
Option of controlling the grand piano from a mobile phone (iPhone or Android phone required).
Do you want to be able to control from your iPhone/Android or iPad? This is possible using the AMI accessory.
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Price list for 2022 (ex VAT, installation and travel costs

Performance player system piano or grand piano SEK 47,800
Wifi router SEK 900
AMI box SEK 3,200
Speaker system SEK 8,400

Silent system for performance system SEK 32,000

Installation approx. SEK 25,000

Our company installs self-playing systems
The AMI box is an intelligent box that enables you to connect audio output from an iPod to the Performer and play music with synchronized analogue piano tracks.

There is a USB connection on the front for quick or temporary connection of USB devices and microphone input for connecting a microphone to sing along with the Player using the speaker system installed on your piano. The AMI box is available as an accessory.

The speaker system is developed and manufactured by Pianoforce. Excellent 2.1 sound system containing bass reflex subwoofer with integrated digital amplifier and 2 satellites designed for easy and efficient installation under the piano. 2 x 100 W. The speaker system is also available as an accessory.


is the ultimate accessory for recording your own piano performance. Now you can record music directly on your acoustic piano and capture the essence of your emotions every time you press a key on your piano. This high precision is the nature of this optical sensor rail unit which captures the key touch, speed and duration of each key and the sustain pedal. This ensures that the recording is recreated as precisely, dynamically and expressively as possible as the original pianist intended. Your composition is converted into midi data and sent to the self-playing piano, the Performance Player system or to a connected computer for further processing or storage in memory.

Professionals, teachers, students or just beginners have now access to a powerful tool to save their live performances and even learn from their mistakes. While connected to a Performance Player system installed on the same piano, immediate playback of the recorded music is possible. In order to reproduce the best possible playback, the piano must be tuned. KEESCAN can be installed in any acoustic piano directly in your own home or in our workshop.

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