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We can help move upright and grand pianos.

top quality Grand and upright piano transport

Are you moving? We can help transport your upright or grand piano. When we look at your instrument, we carry out an inspection and suggest what needs to be rectified to have it sounding good again.  This could be e.g. tuning or adjusting the piano or replacing tuning pins or strings. As the instrument is going to be moved anyway, we can transport it to our modern piano workshop to service it so you can play beautiful music. There will be no extra costs for transporting an upright or grand piano to repair or adjust it if we stop off at our workshop on the way.

What does an upright piano weigh and how much does a grand piano weigh? Our main task is not just carrying upright or grand pianos, even if we have developed systems that make the move easier. Straps as well as special trolleys are mounted directly on the piano with mounts for an electric winch that is controlled remotely to reduce workloads but also increases safety and reduces the risk of injuries to personnel and damage to instruments.

With more than 20 years of experience and extensive piano technology studies, repairing and restoring instruments to perfect condition is our speciality. We also install and assemble humidity systems and self-playing systems.

It’s no fun to have your piano and grand piano carried up flights of stairs to your home –  and then when the piano tuner comes, discover that the instrument cannot be tuned!

We are not an out and out transport company as we specialise only in upright and grand piano transport. These are heavy instruments and any inexperienced person putting their back out while lifting a piano with a risk of long-term injury is one too many. So perhaps saving on the expense of hiring us may not be the best option, but the smartest thing is to be able to go to work the next day without back problems, not to mention the bonus of having your upright or grand piano well serviced after the move.

It is a win-win situation to hire us instead.

In the event we are unable to deliver using our truck, we hire a local moving company, who will then charge you for their costs.

We have a modern vehicle fleet including a truck with an EEV engine that reduces particle emissions by 33% in relation to Euro 5 engines.

EEV is short for Enhanced Environmental-friendly Vehicle, which describes the most stringent environmental standard to date – even lower emissions than Euro 5.

Maybe you want to upgrade to a new upright piano or grand piano when you move? In that case, it’s well worth a visit to our showroom in Leksand! We have many instruments in stock which can be adjusted to suit your needs, regardless of whether it is the inside or the exterior that has to altered or a tonality change. Maybe you want a silent system or a self-playing system – then we will of course build this into the piano. A satisfied customer often means more customers!

Our truck is suitable for transporting your grand piano or piano safely and securely. We have the appropriate drivers licenses. We are planning on upgrading the truck to a fully-electric vehicle that can carry more weight.

Instruments are insured during transport to a value of SEK 1,000,000.

piano o flygeltransport
With our specially fitted pianoplan, we can simplify difficult transports. Taking care of both instruments and staff is a priority. The robot single-handedly can lift a 600 kg grand piano onto its worktop and can adjust angles so that the load is moved horizontally and does not slide off. It is easy to manoeuvre and can be moved forwards or backwards to balance the load. A crucial aid to help us in our work.
Do you need help to transport an upright or grand piano?

We can help you!

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