Din pianostämmare i Siljansbyggden
Känn dig trygg med ett fackmannamässigt proffessionellt utfört arbete.

Piano tuning service

We offer piano tuning and servicing of grand pianos all over central Sweden. Turn to us - we take care of your piano in the best possible fashion! We boast 30 years of experience when it comes to restoration of instruments. Thanks to our experience and solid technical expertise, your instrument will sound all that more beautiful - and last a little longer.

Michael Thomasson, owner of the company, trained piano tuner and technician.
What the company offers
En klimatstabil installation förlänger instrumentets livslängd

Indoor humidity

As heating and ventilation solutions can be a threat to our grand pianos, winter is a problem when humidity levels drop radically as more heating is required, causing extreme dehydration with serious damage as a result. It is the relative humidity that determines how much dehydration takes place in the grand piano's wooden parts, frame, the soundboard, keys, etc. Wood cracks and glued joints split if there is too much dehydration. Maintaining instruments in pristine condition requires climatic suitable storage or alternatively a built-in humidity system as well as regular expert care.

Wonderful sounding instruments

Proper service and piano tuning can prolong the life span of your upright piano or grand piano and improve an instrument’s sound. We can tune your piano so that it can meet all technical and musical challenges when played. We can also rectify any wear and tear to maintain sound and key touch quality. Perhaps your grand piano is used in a public environment such as a concert or teaching venue? As previously mentioned, we as piano tuners know what is required to ensure instruments can withstand even greater stress.

Att få tonen att sväva rent är en fröjd för örat

Regular service

We can help you regardless of whether you want to tune a piano at home or own a larger concert grand piano that requires maintenance. Regular service once or twice a year keeps instruments in good condition.

Intonation of piano
Adjustment of grand piano mechanism
Hiring a professional to tune your grand piano or upright piano is a matter of course if you care about your instrument

We carry out repairs and piano tuning of upright and grand pianos all over central Sweden. Contact us for further information about our services such as piano tuning and instrument service.

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