Moving upright and grand pianos

Pianoplan - piano transport aid

We use a Pianoplan machine to transport pianos. It enables us to carry upright or grand pianos up stairs quickly and safely. It is easy to manoeuvre and can be moved forwards or backwards to balance the load. With the push of a button, instruments are lifted up horizontally to prevent them sliding off during transport. Pianoplan is a crucial aid in certain grand piano transport assignments, where the job can only be carried out by one person.

We move some 200 grand pianos in our showroom annually.

The entire machine can be lifted up 70 cm on rollers with the push of a button so that it can rotate in tight spaces and then lowered back down to continue its journey on the caterpillar tracks. The entire machine is controlled a joystick. The machine itself can lift 600 kg on its worktop. It contributes to minimising personal injuries and damage to instruments.

We are also resellers of Pianoplan in Sweden. Email us for current pricelist.

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