Grand piano stools

Welcome to our grand piano showroom where you can discover our range of grand piano stools and upright piano stools. We offer both black-polished and white-polished stools with genuine lamb leather-covered padded cushions. To ensure the best possible comfort and sitting position, all our stools are height adjustable. It is of the utmost importance to sit correctly to avoid unnecessary tension in the shoulders, back and neck. Incorrect posture can lead to problems and pain during long playing sessions.

Our stools are made of the highest quality and have a neat and elegant design that fits perfectly in any interior. We offer a wide range of piano accessories to facilitate your piano playing and enhance your musical experience.

We understand that it is important to try different grand pianos to find the one that suits you best. Therefore, you are more than welcome to try out the different models in our showroom and find the perfect match for your musical needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about our stools or piano accessories. Our goal is to help you create a comfortable and inspiring environment for your piano playing. Visit our grand piano showroom today and experience it for yourself!

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