Humidity systems

A humidity system extends the lifespan of your upright/grand piano. Most manufacturers recommend piano life saver and also stipulate in their warranty conditions for new instruments that a humidity of 35-50% must be maintained for the warranty to be valid. It has a positive impact on piano tuning.

The risk of the soundboard cracking is reduced when the weather is dry in winter. It also prevents the soundboard from swelling due to summer humidity. The result is that the tuning becomes more stable over time and the benefits above all are both longer playing enjoyment and longer instrument lifespan. Once every 30 minutes, the “Humidistat” detects whether moisture should be added or removed to maintain a constant humidity level. It is set to approx. 42% and quietly regulates the humidity in the instrument.

The original Dampp Chaser humidity system has a 5-year warranty.

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I am one of Sweden’s 13 technicians with the most experience in fitting the system.

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