Moving straps

There is a long tradition of transporting pianos in Sweden, and it is important to have the right tools and equipment to make the work as safe and effective as possible. One of the most important factors when transporting upright pianos and grand pianos is to use a moving strap that is strong and sturdy enough to handle the heavy weight. I myself have developed this moving strap to meet the needs I encountered working in this profession in order to be more effective and be kind to my body.

Upright pianos and grand pianos are known to be some of the heaviest musical instruments to transport, and it takes considerable strength and effort to lift them safely. This can lead to health issues if you don’t have the right equipment or technique to lift them safely.
By using a strap for the transport of heavy loads, you can avoid health risks and make transport easier and more efficient. The investment in a high-quality strap is well worth the cost and can help prolong one’s career as a piano mover.

The moving strap on offer by the Swedish manufacturer in Dalarna is a unique solution that has been specially designed to handle the heavy loads such as upright pianos and grand pianos. With its robust design and high-quality materials, you can distribute the weight of the load over the body and minimise the risk of injuries and health problems.

Another benefit of using a strap for transporting pianos and grand pianos is that it can make transportation easier and more efficient. It can be difficult to manoeuvre and control these large musical instruments on your own or with limited assistance, but with the help of a strap, you can keep your hands free to control the load and make the transport smoother.

In Sweden, piano transport meets high standards, and it is important to choose a reliable and experienced piano transporter who has the necessary knowledge and expertise to transport upright pianos and grand pianos in a safe and efficient way, or alternatively use the right tools and do it yourself.

By choosing an experienced and reliable transporter, or the right equipment and tools yourself, you can ensure successful piano transport. The investment in a high-quality strap is an important part of this process and can help protect both your health and the instruments.

Another benefit of using a strap is that it can also be helpful when moving heavy objects indoors. For example, it can be used when moving heavy furniture or on construction sites where heavy materials need to be moved around the workplace.

The Swedish manufacturer of the moving strap has a strong focus on quality and ease of use.
The product has been developed by me with care and consideration of user needs, making it an excellent choice for anyone wishing to invest in a reliable and efficient strap for heavy lifts.

Another factor to consider when using the strap is weight distribution. By placing the weight at the correct position on the body, you can avoid imbalance and minimise the risk of injury. It is also important to follow the correct technique when lifting to avoid overloading muscles and joints.

In summary, the strap distributes the weight over the shoulders and helps protect your back and shoulders. The seams are sewn by professional seamstresses who usually sew workwear. It is a good idea to order two straps so you can lift a load at two ends. We sell to appliance outlets, moving companies, plumbing companies, etc. and of course also to private individuals.

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