Polishing cloths

Keeping your upright piano or grand piano clean and shiny is important to preserving its beauty and functionality. A polishing cloth is an indispensable tool for keeping your instruments in top condition.

We offer a large polishing cloth specially designed for use on upright pianos and grand pianos. This high-quality polishing cloth from Cory cleans deeply gently and effectively. It can be used with one of our polishes to remove fingerprints, dust and other dirt from the surface of your grand piano or upright piano.

This polishing cloth is made from a soft and absorbent cotton fabric and is gentle on the surface of your grand piano or piano. The large size makes it easy to wipe the entire surface of the instrument in one go, saving time and energy.

To use the polishing cloth, apply a suitable polish to the surface and then wipe it with the polishing cloth in a circular motion. Be sure to use hand gently and avoid using too much pressure, especially on sensitive surfaces like the piano keys.

A polishing cloth is an invaluable tool for all pianists and piano owners who want to keep their instruments in top condition. With the help of our polishing cloth and a polish, you can keep your grand piano or upright piano clean and shiny for a long time to come.

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