Bechstein grand piano restored

We now have in stock a fully-restored, 2 metre Bechstein grand piano from the turn of the century in our showroom. It is actually from 1880. It has been fitted with new strings and tuning pins, a lacquered cast iron frame, a repaired soundboard, a new hammer board, a new keyboard and is polyester lacquered by professionals.

It offers Bechstein’s characteristic sound and key touch and works both at home and in concert halls.

The ornate legs with their feet and turned lyre provide clues of its age. To the untrained eye, it may look like a brand new grand piano, making it a pleasant surprise when its history is revealed.

Welcome to our showroom in Leksand to try this beautiful instrument.

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Bechstein is one of the leading grand piano manufacturers. They date back to 1850 when Carl Bechstein established a factory in the heart of Berlin, close to theatres, operas and powerful successful people. A well thought out and planned strategy for success.

There are many interesting books about how Carl Bechstein developed their top-quality brand.

This completely restored grand piano was manufactured in the 1880s, and it looks completely new today. The Bechstein 200 cm model B instrument is a semi-concert grand piano that works well in a nice home or an institution.

This grand piano is newly finished in black polyester, has new strings, felt, hammer board and completely new hammer shafts.

Are you looking for style, lion’s paws, a turned pedal box and a polished grand piano, this is a very attractive choice.

Treat yourself to a musical gem with this magnificent Bechstein grand piano from 1880! After extensive renovation, it has regained its former glory and is now ready to impress musicians and music lovers alike.

With new strings, tuning pins and a lacquered cast iron frame, it sounds like a dream and has Bechstein’s unique sound and key touch. Its ornate legs and lyre provide a hint of its history and charm.

This grand piano fits perfectly into both at home and in concert halls, and is guaranteed to be an impressive and elegant interior feature. Expect many admiring glances when you play this amazing Bechstein grand piano.

Modell B 200 cm i Bechstein sortiment
Studio grand piano in stylish design
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