Bechstein model A

Fully restored C. Bechstein grand piano model A, 182 cm

Beautifully embossed company logo in the lid
Beautifully embossed company logo in the lid
New tuning pins
Chrome-plated tuning pins for longer shelf life.
Pianolife saver of type Dampp chaser original
Installed humidity system of type Dampp Chaser original
Inspection certificate
Inspection certificate
Inspection certificate
Inspection certificate Bellini

Discover Elegance and Sound in Our Fully Refurbished Carl Bechstein Grand Piano from the 1920s!

We are proud to offer this magnificent Carl Bechstein grand piano, whose history dates back to the glorious 1920s. This grand piano has undergone extensive renovation, done with love and expertise, to restore it to its former splendor and perfect sound quality. Here are some of the amazing details about this outstanding instrument:

  • Fully Restored: All essential components of this Carl Bechstein have been carefully and professionally restored. This includes new strings, tuning pins, hammerboard and a repaired soundboard.
  • Beauty och Craftmansship: The piano has also been repainted in 2008, which has returned it to its original beauty and elegance. Its classic design and detailed woodwork make it an artistic treasure.
  • Exceptional key touch: When you sit down at this instrument, you will experience a pleasant key touch that few other grand pianos can offer. The quality and attention to detail during the restoration has resulted in an outstanding sound quality.
  • Double Inspection statements: To ensure the quality of this instrument, not only one, but two independent inspection certificates are included. This is proof that our Carl Bechstein grand piano is in excellent condition and ready to deliver exceptional music for many years to come.

If you are as passionate as we are about music and quality, do visit our showroom in beautiful Leksand. There you can personally experience this little gem, a Carl Bechstein Model A piano, which is 182 cm deep. Take the chance to explore its magnificent sound and timeless beauty.

Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment to try out this outstanding instrument. It’s time to let your musical dreams take flight with our Carl Bechstein grand piano!

If you need a place to stay while trying out the instrument, we have three newly produced apartments that can be booked via our website.

Piano tuner (Din pianostämmare i Siljansbygden)
Michael Thomasson

Fully restored C. Bechstein grand piano from the 1920s
Restored grand piano
Brand / Företagslogo C. Bechstein
Modell A är 182 cm djup
Cast iron frame painted in Bechstein's original colour. Soundboard repaired. New bass and treble strings
Cast iron frame in Bechstein original bronze colour
Beautifully embossed company logo in the lid
Beautifully embossed company logo in the lid
Dimensions 152 cm