Bechstein Upright piano

C. Bechstein have made this quality instrument which has a full ivory (the white keys) and ebony (the black keys) keyboard.

This restoration of an older Bechstein piano with new tuning pins and hammer board will definitely improve the instrument’s sound and playing quality.

The tuning pins are important for maintaining the correct string tension, which in turn affects the pitch and stability of the instrument. New tuning pins can help ensure that the piano stays in tune for a longer period of time.

The hammers are the part of the piano that strike the strings when the keys are played, and their design and condition can affect sound quality and responsiveness in the instrument. This has been replaced to make a big difference in sound quality and provide a smoother playing experience.

Together, these improvements can give the Bechstein piano a new lease of life and make it a pleasure to play. However, it is always important to regularly maintain the piano to ensure that it continues to perform at its best.

The keyboard is taken apart, cleaned and polished to give the keys an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Adjust the depth and grading so they are perfectly horizontal. It requires effort that we are prepared to invest to restore the Bechstein piano as best as possible for a limited amount of money.

A top-quality older acoustic piano like this will last for generations if properly cared for and serviced.

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Experienced piano makers at the C. Bechstein factory build instruments of exceptional quality, each endowed with a distinct musical personality. More than 160 years of expertise in piano manufacturing is a testament of continuity and reliability.

More information is available on the manufacturer’s website.

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