Feurich model 179

The Feurich model 179 is a grand piano with an improved action mechanism and top-quality parts from around the world. With wood parts from Austria, hammer felt from Feurich in England, a laminated soundboard and stainless-steel strings from Paulello, you can expect high sound quality and durability from this piano. The built-in LED lighting in the music shelf and the soft-closing lid provide pianists with extra comfort. The large wheels make it easy to move the piano around. In conclusion, this is a reliable and high-quality piano that can suit both home and professional settings.

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There are several improvements and upgrades in this new model, including an improved action mechanism with wooden parts from Austria and hammer felt from Feurich in England. In addition, it has a laminated soundboard for better humidity stability and stainless-steel strings from Paulello for a long-lasting and clear tone.

The grand piano also has practical features such as built-in LED lighting in the music shelf, large wheels and a soft-closing lid over the keyboard. This can make it easier to move and store the grand piano when not in use.

To summarise, the Feurich model 179 is a well-equipped and high-quality grand piano with many improvements and practical features. Take the opportunity to try out any of our instruments in our showroom in beautiful Leksand.

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 179 × 151,5 × 102 cm
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