Feurich model 162

157500 kr

The Model 162 is the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced pianists looking for a high-quality and reliable grand piano with great sound quality and responsiveness. So if you want a grand piano that is both beautiful and powerful, the Feurich model 162 is the obvious choice.

Buy the Feurich model 162 today and experience a unique musical experience that you have never experienced before. This is the grand piano that is outstanding in both design and sound quality.

Experience the sound of music at a new level with the Feurich model 162 – the ultimate choice for those looking for a piano with outstanding sound quality and modern design.

The Feurich model 162 features the new and improved Feurich action mechanism, giving you a sense of precision and control with every key stroke. Our new yellow special felt from England improves sound quality and offers a rich and clear tone.

The laminated climate-stable soundboard gives you a soft bass tone and a wonderful long tone. Our rust-free Paulello strings provide a developed clarity and rich tonal quality that is perfect for both classical and modern music.

The Feurich model 162 also has an innovative LED lamp in the music shelf that makes it easy to play even in poor light conditions. Large castors make it easy to move the piano from room to room, while the soft-close flap over the keyboard provides an extra layer of protection.

The Feurich model 162 is the perfect choice for pianists who want the best of both traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. This piano is a true masterpiece and will be a proud part of your home for many years to come.

Weight 322 g
Dimensions 162 × 150 × 102 cm