Feurich Upright Piano Model 122

This piano is a best seller in our range of pianos. It is a very elegant piano. Its higher action mechanism means that the transfer of musical energy between the keyboard and hammer heads is significantly better than in the smaller instrument. There is a built-in moderator (celeste pedal), which makes it possible to play a little quieter. If you want a silencer system, it is available as an accessory. Thanks to Feurich’s great efforts in finding new innovations and solutions to further improve the 122, this piano is today a much loved instrument.

The 122 is a medium-height piano as the designation indicates. The string length is good and the action mechanism and keyboard are well weighted. As a practice instrument, it inspires people to practice more. The result is not just about how good you are as a pianist, you also need a good instrument that responds to key touches and sounds beautiful. We always recommend installing a humidity system to maintain even humidity levels. This avoids unwanted cracks in the soundboard and pin block and also provides long-lasting tuning stability.

An alternative to this piano can be the Design model which is roughly the same height. Alternatively, the Concert piano model, which is also a very good instrument.