Humidity system for grand pianos up to 170 cm

10000 kr

Humidity system for smaller grand pianos that maintains correct humidity levels in instruments. Note that the “up to 170 cm “ system only has the front humidifier.


Best choice!

Original Dampp Chaser humidity system for grand pianos, also called piano life saver.

We are a certified installer of and dealer for humidity systems for upright pianos and grand pianos.

This size is the most common one for grand pianos, up to 170 cm in length.

It detects every 30 minutes whether moisture should be added or removed to maintain a constant humidity level.

The humidistat is factory set at 42%rH, which is an absolutely perfect environment for a grand piano in Sweden with its climate.

We usually have them in stock for immediate delivery.

Filters and algae inhibitor for humidity system treatment can be ordered in our online shop.

Denna modell av piano life saver är upp till 170 cm
Humidity system for smaller grand pianos.