Keyboard cleaner

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Polish – cleaning agent for upright and grand piano keyboards.


Our polish is safe to use on all types of keyboards and leaves no residue or stains. It’s a quick and easy solution to keep your keyboard clean and fresh.

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If you have problems with dirty keyboards, you don’t have to worry anymore. We have a great solution for you! Our spray polymer is a simple and effective solution for cleaning your keyboard.

Just spray a little of the product on the keys and then wipe them with a cloth. You will see how easily the dirt and the black stains disappear from your white keyboard coating.

Our spray polymer is specially designed to dissolve dirt and stains on keyboards without damaging the coating or leaving a residue. It is a safe and effective solution that you can trust.

So if you want a clean and fresh keyboard again, order our spray polymer today and enjoy easy and quick cleaning of your keyboard.

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