Piano stool in Dark Mahogany

1800 kr

We have a large stock of piano stools in various models in our shop. Here you see a height-adjustable, polished dark mahogany frame with burgundy plush seat.

Our piano stools are stylish with safe and good functionality.

There are different colours and designs available. Here you can see an adjustable, polished dark mahogany frame with burgundy plush seat.

Affordable stools with good functionality for the best ergonomics.

Remember to sit at the right height. You are sitting too low if you notice that you are pulling your shoulders upward. With this polished stool, it is very easy raise the height to suit both children and adults.

Pianopall i varierande färger
Our piano stool in Dark Mahogany is an excellent supplement to your piano. It is made of high-quality wood and has a beautiful dark mahogany finish that adds an elegant and classic touch to your interior.
This stool is height-adjustable so you can adjust it to your own comfort level and the perfect sitting position at the piano. It is also ergonomically designed to reduce back and neck tension and to help you play longer without tiring.
This piano stool is made of high-quality wood that guarantees durability and stability. It also means that the piano stool fits perfectly with most pianos, whether they are modern or classical.
Whether you are a professional pianist or an ambitious beginner, our dark mahogany piano stool is an indispensable accessory that is guaranteed to enhance your piano experience. So order your piano stool today and enjoy comfortable and efficient piano playing. Quality stool with soft cushion
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