Polish for upright and grand pianos

310 kr

Whether you need to clean a wooden, stone or metal surface, Centurio is the ideal product to obtain a polished finish and to improve the appearance of any surface. So if you want a quick and easy solution to remove clogged pores and achieve a polished finish, try Centurio today!


Centurio is the perfect product to achieve smooth and polished surfaces while reducing visible pores. There is a little abrasive in the product that effectively removes dirt and polishes out any small scratches.

Centurio is easy to use and effective. It is best applied with cotton waste to the area where you want to remove pores and a shiny finish. Let the product dry and then buff off with a soft cloth.

Centurio quickly gives a deep gloss finish appears quickly with little effort. You will be impressed with the improved finish of your furniture or surfaces.

Choose Centurio if you want a smooth and polished surface while reducing visible pores.

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