Polishing cloth for upright and grand pianos

115 kr

Our microfiber polishing cloth is perfect for keeping your piano clean and shiny. It is made of high-quality microfiber that effectively collects dirt and dust without leaving scratches or streaks on surfaces.

Our microfiber polishing cloth is a must for all pianists and grand piano players who want to keep their instruments clean and in top condition. Larger in size than most polishing cloths, you can easily reach all parts of the piano or grand piano, whether it is the keys, the frame or the legs.

The microfiber cloth’s special composition makes it both soft and gentle on surfaces, while effectively removing dirt and dust. It is also durable and can be washed over and over again without losing its effectiveness.

This polishing cloth is made of high quality microfiber and is designed to quickly and easily clean upright and grand pianos. In addition, it leaves no scratches or stains on the surface, making it a safe choice for your instrument.

So if you want a professional tool to keep your piano or grand piano clean and in top condition, order our microfiber polishing cloth today. With its larger size and high quality, it is the perfect choice for all pianists and grand piano players.