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Swedish-made bass strings for upright and grand pianos. Send your broken strings to us by post or measure and email the measurements and we will deliver new ones.

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Are you going to buy bass strings?

We manufacture the best custom-made bass strings according to customer wishes for every imaginable upright and grand piano make.

The Swedish-made bass strings are hand-made from pure steel and solid copper. The materials used are the best of German quality and ordered strings can be delivered within a week.

The measurements we require in order to be able to manufacture the strings are outlined below. We ask you to provide these measurements and email us:

  1. Core diameter – must have an accuracy of one five-hundredth of a millimetre. 0.700, 0.725, 0.750, 0.775, 0.800, 0.825, 0.850, etc.
  2. Length from eye to start of wound section
  3. The length of the wound section
  4. Copper diameter – the outer diameter measured across the wound copper section
  5. In the case of double-wound strings, also provide the outer diameter measured across the thinner part across the wound copper section
  6. Required note number for each string
  7. Choice of steel core – round or hexagonal core

It is also fine to send the broken strings directly to us and we will measure and manufacture new ones.

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