Uebel Lechleiter grand piano

Uebel Lechleiter grand piano in matte black finish. 180 cm long.

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Matte black grand piano. 180 cm long.

This is an Uebel Lechleiter grand piano and is 180 cm long. It has a matte black finish and is very reasonably priced. The grand piano is suitable for acoustic musicians and is a good choice for beginners and hobby musicians. It is easy to play and offers powerful sound reproduction. It has 88 full-sized keys and a built-in keyboard. This is really a good option for anyone looking for a cheap grand piano. The grand piano is 180 cm long, has a matte black finish and its production number is 25061. It was made in 1924 in Germany, which means that it is of good quality even if it is somewhat worn, and it can give you many years of enjoyment. Buy it today and enjoy a musical experience until you want to upgrade to a newer and more exclusive grand piano.

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